Lead the rebellion.
Free your underground civilization.
Fallback, an epic-rogue-like adventure.
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FALLBACK is a tale about humanity restored after a cataclysmic ecological disaster.

Having mastered technology allowing them to thrive again, the people now living underground face new challenges from the outside with vicious creatures threatening their lifestyle. But also, and more importantly, from the inside. To what extent can technology really save their humanity?

What are the choices and sacrifices one is willing to make to keep his or her lifestyle? Those questions form the background of an adventure where you will explore a procedurally generated dungeon trying to survive long enough to bring back the energy required to further your explorations. What initially appears to be a simple quest for energy becomes less clear as the identity of the “volunteers” exploring the world is questioned, forcing you - the player - to make choices that you might not have thought of before.

Beta mode
Help us improve Fallback by playing on the beta version (on steam)
The rebellion awaken
Discover new NPCs that will bring you unique features. Master the visual redesign and new gameplay character classes
The eden transformation
Explore completely redesigned levels. Discover new enemies and new worlds
Module station hack
Create your own skill combinations through a complete redesign of the module system
Loot everything
Collect new skills (objects) with a brand new loot system that completely changes the way you approach Fallback
Secret underground
Discover secret zones containing challenges and uncharted paths
Apocalypse difficulty
Prove your value with high difficulty modes. Destroy the bosses in hardcore mode with their new unique attacks
The eden master
Meet the Ultimate Boss of Fallback, hidden in a secret part of Eden.
Number of copies sold
More secret room
We add "puzzles" in the dungeon! With a little thought and the right equipment you can solve them!
Ultra rebel's base
The rebel base is evolving. New characters, new dialogues and new places based on the community! You can become a rebel of Fallback.
Speed run mode
Speedruner to your controllers! We are preparing everything for you, as well as a leaderboard.
We don't want Fallback IRL
Endroad Studios goes out of it’s way to make sure Fallback stays a video game and plants 20k trees irl.
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